WWII Journals of Walton Van Arsdale 79th Division, 311th Field Artillery 1944-1945
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79th Division
Cross of Lorraine
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Welcome to the new edition of the World War II journals of Colonel Walton S. Van Arsdale, 311th Field Artillery Battalion Commander, 79th Division.

Here you will find diaries, photographs and letters from my grandfather's, Colonel Van Arsdale's, archive that I have assembled here in electronic form as a way both to honor him and his life and to serve as a research tool to those who are interested in studying personal accounts of WWII veterans and, in particular, Field Artillery in the Second World War. There is also contained within information about the 79th Division in World War II, Field Artillery History, and many other things that describe the bigger picture of the war going on as these entries were written.

My grandfather enlisted in 1928 and served in the Army until 1968. He served in the 79th Division as it landed at Utah Beach in Normandy, up to Cherbourg, through France, Belgium and into Germany.

I hope that sharing these artifacts and putting together a wide array of information and resources will be of interest to those seeking to be enlightened about what life was like in a Field Artillery unit in the 79th Division, and also about the role of the Field Artillery units, "The Queens of the Battlefield", in the successes won by the US Armies on the ground in these campaigns.

Please revisit often in the future as the contents of the site grow. I look forward to posting here names of members of the 311th FA Bttn., essays about this collection, submissions of material from other veterans of the unit, further historical information and documents related to the 79th and to Field Artillery. As well as a site map, more photographs, etc..

If you are a veteran of the 311th or 79th, or a family member of one, or knew my grandfather, please feel free to send me a note. Go to the contact section and fill out the form. I'd love to hear from you.


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Van Arsdale in Czechoslavakia during the Allied occupation
following the end of the war in Europe. Circa Aug 1945. To see
more photographs from his collection, click on the photos link.



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